The Authentic Birth Time of Former US President Donald Trump and Interpretation of his Four Pillars of Destiny Chart

Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate

The birth certificate of former US President Donald Trump that was released online has been widely recognized as his authentic birth record. According to the birth certificate, Trump was born on June 14, 1946, at 10:54 am in the Queens borough of New York City, and converted to true solar time based on the local longitude and latitude, the time of birth is calculated as 9:01 am on June 14, 1946. Based on this time, the Four Pillars of Destiny chart is calculated as follows:

Donald Trump’s Four Pillars of Destiny Chart

“President Trump’s Four Pillars of Destiny chart shows that he was born under the Earthly Branch of Ji (己), with the month of birth being Wu (午). Wu (午) is the Fire of the South, which is the natural residence of Ji (己). This combination forms the ‘Jian Lu’ structure, which indicates a person who is self-reliant, capable, and can establish their own business or career. Trump’s chart is even more remarkable as it features the three meeting points of the Earthly Branches Si (巳), Wu (午), and Wei (未), which are all Southern Fires, with the external influence of the Earthly Branch Xu (戌) forming a Fire Warehouse. This combination creates a blazing Fire that is also visible in the year stem as Bing (丙) Direct Resource, representing a high-level seal of approval. Moreover, the Direct Resource being visible indicates actual power and not just an honorary title. As we can see, he truly held the seal of a country.

In summary, the strength of the Direct Resource is so great that it can be classified as a Specialist Profile. The Heavenly Stems of Fire and Earth, with only one Heavenly Stem of Wood (Jia 甲) representing the Direct Officer in the month stem, signifies the Direct Officer being close at hand. The combination of the Direct Officer and the Indirect Resource (己) can be considered a pairing of power, which often leads to great authority. With the Bing (丙) Direct Resource being strong, it indicates a childhood of abundant resources and support from family and ancestors, which in turn has helped him succeed.”

There are a few notable issues with this destiny chart: Firstly, the close combination of the Direct Officer (Zheng Guan) and the Day Master (Ri Zhi) suggests a strong attachment to the affairs represented by the Direct Officer. In the case of Trump, this means a strong attachment to being the president, able to take on the role but not easily able to let go. Secondly, the Direct Officer is weakly rooted with its only source of strength coming from the residual energy of the Wei (未) earth in the Day Branch (Ri Zhi). The Direct Officer itself is not strong enough and the noble energy is compromised, resulting in a presidency with the substance but not the style of a president.

part from the traditional view of destiny analysis, we can also cross-validate the blind school’s view of destiny analysis. According to the theory of blind school, the combination of fire and earth elements in this chart works together to target the only jiawu wood in the whole chart. The purpose of this combination is to control the official star. This controlling energy is very strong, almost to the point of killing the official star, or “zhiji”. However, according to the blind school, only when the official star is completely controlled can one truly become an official.

Looking at Trump’s birth chart, the original jiawu wood is rooted in the earth branch of wei, which is also a wood storage element. Therefore, it is difficult to control or kill this jiawu wood. In this case, it is necessary to examine the influence of the current luck period and annual cycles to see if the official star can be completely controlled during that period, which would be the time when the destiny owner ascends to power.

In addition, according to the blind school, the root of this official star is in the yu qi, meaning that the official star cannot even be viewed as an official star and should be viewed as a wealth star instead. This is because the official star is weak and the name of the official is more important than the actual position. In this situation, one can make a lot of money and gain fame, but cannot become a high-ranking official.

Looking back at Trump’s early life, he made a fortune in real estate and then became famous for his reality TV show, which is consistent with this theory. However, it is not enough to solely rely on the original chart to become the President of the United States. One also needs the help of luck periods and annual cycles. Therefore, let’s analyze how Trump’s luck periods and annual cycles helped him ascend to the presidency.

The table of former US President Trump’s major cycles and annual luck periods.

Trump’s luck started at the age of 7 in 1954, with his first major luck being the Yi Wei luck period. The Seven Killing star was sitting in the storage root, indicating that the destiny holder faced various external pressures, controversies, and peer competition during this decade. The growth environment during his teenage years shaped Trump’s fundamental character and values.

In the following 30 years, Trump’s major luck periods were Shen You Xu, which were running on the western metal earth. Metal represents Shishen and Shangguan, means the talent. During this period, he started to show his talent in universities and workplaces.

Then, for the next 30 years, Trump’s major luck periods were Hai Zi Chou, running on the northern water land. Water represents wealth, and he earned a lot of money during these years. Moreover, wealth is the source of power, and it can create power.

During the seventh major luck period, which was also the last ten years of his northern water land period, Trump’s major luck was Xin Chou, which was extremely mysterious. The combination of Bing and Xin triggered the period of the seal star. The Chou Wei conflict opened up the wood storage (official storage) in the Wei earth. The energy level of the wood seal star was greatly enhanced. From the perspective of the blind school, the result was the same. The conflict between Chou and Wei destroyed the wood star in Wei, and the original wood star had no roots. The official star could be completely controlled without roots in the sky. As a result, the official star’s period also came with a higher energy level. Therefore, no matter how you look at it, the period of the official star with the seal will happen during this major luck period.

In reality, Trump’s luck ran until 2016, the Bing Shen year, with Bing fire highly penetrating, and the seal period was inevitable. Moreover, the Shen metal further wiped out the roots of the official star in the earth. With the combination of time, space, and people, he was elected as the President of the United States. It was reasonable and in accordance with the laws of nature.

However, the truth is still the truth. Trump’s eight characters did not originally have the Emperor star. Instead, he achieved this impossible leap with the help of his luck periods. Therefore, we should understand that knowing our destiny does not mean giving up on our goals. We should strive to achieve our goals, but we should also choose the luck period that can best help us achieve them, as this can increase our chances of success. However, we should also understand the principle of knowing when to stop, as it is not a permanent feature of our original destiny, but rather a gift brought by our luck periods.

Trump’s Xin Chou Da Yun and Geng Zi Liu Nian chart for the year 2020

In the year 2020, the year of the Metal Rat, there was a clash between the heavenly stems of Jia and Geng, and the official star was affected. The clash between the Hurting Officer and the Official was also present, and the earthly branches of Zi and Wu clashed, breaking the Fire cycle and disturbing the career palace. Adding to that, the union between Zi and Chou abolished the most wonderful combination in the great fortune that helped Trump ascend to the presidency. Therefore, it was almost inevitable that he would lose his presidential position in this year, not only losing his official position, but also attracting a lot of lawsuits and controversy. The real story is well known: Trump’s almost insane behavior after the election shocked the world, and he even came close to becoming the first American president to incite a coup. It can be said that his fate brought him both success and failure.

Trump’s 2024 Da Yun (major luck cycle) is Ren Yin, and his flowing year is Jia Chen

As for the 2024 US presidential election, does Trump have a chance to be elected again? We can make a small prediction. 2024 is the first year of a new cycle of luck, and the luck changes from the north to the east. This change is quite significant. In the luck cycle of Ren Yin, the heavenly stems Bing and Ren are in conflict, and the earthly branches Yin, Wu, and Xu form a three-combustion fire formation, making the energy of the seal stronger and activating its function in the heavenly stems. In the year of Jia Chen, the heavenly stem Jia, which is the positive officer, comes at the right time, and Chen and Xu are in conflict, and the fire storage is destroyed, so from the aspect of the relationship, if Trump can still come back to run in 2024, then the possibility of being elected is still very high.

In other words, if you want to prevent Trump from being elected again, you cannot wait until he runs in the election and try to defeat him during the campaign, which is very unlikely. The best strategy is to find a way to prevent him from participating in this election. Of course, this article does not have any political bias. It is just an objective statement that people who have too strong seal energy are too easily led astray as a president, they may become a hero but are difficult to become a benevolent ruler. It’s all up to fate.


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